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Online loans have made the entire process of applying for loans a very comfortable affair. Applying for loans was a tedious affair earlier; meeting people, running from banks to banks enquiring about loans, and finally deciding on a particular loan and applying for the same. Today, with the advent of online loans, things are available for the customers just at the click of the mouse.
The various banks and financial institutions offering online loans have details of all the loans categorically designed and uploaded via the internet. A whole host of facilities and loan options like Home Loans, Car Loans, Education Loans, Personal Loans and Business loans are available through the process of online loans.

A few of the most popular benefits of online loans are:

- No hassles, one can apply from the comforts of ones home
- Can go through the various details of the loans over and over again before applying for it
- Takes just minutes to apply and get approval
- Limited paper work required to apply for the same
- Direct transfer of the money to the individuals bank account
- Easy repayment options

Some of the most popular institutions offering online loans are:

- Citibank
- Keybank
- Wells Fargo Bank
- Citibank
- Sainsburys Bank
- Halifax Online Bank

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